Best demo award at ICPE 2019

My demo presentation of LINE 2.0.0 has won the best demo award at ICPE 2019! Here are my demo slides. It was great to see interest in the ICPE community for this tool and I hope to follow-up with colleagues to support their needs as we evolve this project.

Paper accepted in IEEE INFOCOM 2018

My paper “Analyzing replacement policies in list-based caches with non-uniform access costs” has been accepted for publication in IEEE INFOCOM 2018. The paper studies a generalised list-based cache and obtains a second-order asymptotic expansion for the miss rates of RANDOM and FIFO replacement policies.

Best paper award at ACM Sigmetrics'17

The paper Accelerating Performance Inference over Closed Systems by Asymptotic Methods has won the best paper award at ACM Sigmetrics’17. The paper presents novel formulas and computational algorithms for the normalizing constant of state probability of closed queueing network models. An extended abstract is available here.

Best student paper at IM 2017

The paper K. Molka, G. Casale, “Energy-efficient resource allocation and provisioning for in-memory database clusters” has won the best student paper award at IFIP/IEEE IM 2017! Congratulations to Karsten for a great job and his well-deserved achievement!

Paper accepted in IEEE CLOUD

The paper “How to Supercharge the Amazon T2: Observations and Suggestions” by Jiawei Wen, Lihua Ren, Feng Yan, Daniel J. Dubois, Giuliano Casale, and Evgenia Smirni has been accepted for IEEE CLOUD 2017. The paper proposes a methodology to increase the performance benefits of T2 instances on Amazon EC2.

Paper accepted at Sigmetrics'17

My paper Accelerating Performance Inference over Closed Systems by Asymptotic Methods has been accepted for presentation at ACM Sigmetrics’17 as a full paper! The paper investigates the computation of likelihoods in closed multi-class queueing networks. Novel exact and asymptotic approximations for the normalizing constant of state probabilities are derived and shown to address computational limitations of prior art.

Paper accepted in IEEE TRel

The paper “LINE : A Scalable Tool for Evaluating Software Applications in Unreliable Environments“, co-authored by J.F.Peréz and G.Casale, has been accepted for inclusion in an upcoming issue of  IEEE Transactions on Reliability! If you want to use the techniques presented in the paper, please download the latest release of the LINE tool.

Paper accepted at IFIP/IEEE IM'17

The paper “Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation and Provisioning for InMemory Database Clusters” coauthored by K. Molka and G. Casale has been accepted for IFIP/IEEE IM 2017! The paper looks at consolidaton of SAP HANA clusters and defines a mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problem for dealing with resource allocation and server assignment. The solution approach combines genetic algorithms… Read more »

Papers accepted at VALUETOOLS 2016

Our team is presenting this week two modelling papers at ICST VALUETOOLS 2016 in beautiful Taormina, Italy: A Queueing Network Model for Performance Prediction of Apache Cassandra, by Salvatore Dipietro, Giuliano Casale and Giuseppe Serazzi. This papers presents a simulation model for Cassandra and validates this model against an actual Cassandra deployment and an alternative implementation… Read more »

Paper accepted in EJOR

The paper  “Compact Markov-Modulated Models for Multiclass Trace Fitting“ by G. Casale, A. Sansottera, P. Cremonesi has been accepted in INFORMS European J. of Operational Research (EJOR). The paper introduces some of the algorithms introduced in the M3A toolbox, a library of scripts for fitting marked Markovian Arrival Processes.

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