Join us

Prospective PhD students

If you are a prospective PhD student interested in edge or cloud computing, services computing, or mathematical foundations of these areas feel free to contact us. We always welcome emails from potential students. There are several possible sources of funding to cover PhD fees and bursary. QORE offers a vibrant and friendly collaborative environment to undertake a PhD. We routinely collaborate with large multinationals and we are also interested to support industry-sponsored PhDs.

A non-exhaustive list of project subjects we would be interested to host is as follows:

  • AI/ML methods in systems management
  • Blackbox optimization and surrogate modelling for system auto-tuning
  • Distributed tracing and anomaly detection in system monitoring data
  • Mathematical optimization and modelling of software systems
  • QoS-aware DevOps and orchestration

We are also open to consider projects in nearby areas, please feel free to contact us.

Postdoctoral research associates

If you are seeking for a sponsor for post-doctoral fellowships or other externally-funded schemes, please contact us.