Paper accepted in IEEE Access (Spark anomaly detection)

Congratulations to Ahmad Alnafessah for our recently accepted paper TRACK-Plus: Optimizing Artificial Neural Networks for Hybrid Anomaly Detection in Data Streaming ! The paper is published in IEEE Access.

Abstract: Software applications can feature intrinsic variability in their execution time due to interference from other applications or software contention from other users, which may lead to unexpectedly long running times and anomalous performance. There is thus a need for effective automated performance anomaly detection methods that can be used within production environments to avoid any late detection of unexpected degradations of service level. To address this challenge, we introduce TRACK-Plus a black-box training methodology for performance anomaly detection. The method uses an artificial neural networks-driven methodology and Bayesian Optimization to identify anomalous performance and are validated on Apache Spark Streaming. TRACK-Plus has been extensively validated using a real Apache Spark Streaming system and achieve a high F-score while simultaneously reducing training time by 80% compared to efficiently detect anomalies.

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