The Quality of Service research lab (QORE, pronounced “core”) focuses on tackling management problems that arise in resource provisioning and service level assurance in computer systems. The research pursued by the group advances methods and models to support engineers in enhancing Quality of Service (QoS) of their solutions. Our current applied work is mainly in the area of edge/fog computing.

QoS management decisions can occur at different stages of a computer system lifecycle, e.g., during design, testing, deployment, or operation. The diversity of activities that arise in these stages, in terms of technical approaches, actors, times and costs involved, offers a rich landscape to carry out advanced computing research. The research themes we focus on are in particular:

  1. QoS management techniques (e.g., edge/fog, serverless, scheduling, …)
  2. Computer system modelling (e.g., AI/ML, queueing theory, Markov models, …)
  3. Dependability and fault-tolerance (e.g., anomaly detection, task migration, tracing, …)

More details are available in our Research page.

Please feel free to contact us for any information request or collaboration proposal.

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