Ahmad Alnafessah

PhD Student

Short bio. I am currently a PhD student at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London. Previously, I was a senior academic researcher at National Centre for AI and Big Data Technologies KACST from 2012-2017. My research is on performance engineering for big data systems, with a specific focus on in-memory platforms. I am interested in big data systems, AI, IoT, HCP, complex distributed systems and cloud computing.

Thesis abstract. The main goal of my research is to contribute to automated performance anomaly detection for large-scale and complex distributed systems, especially for Big Data applications within cloud computing. The main area that I am investigating are  1) an Automated detection of anomalous performance behaviors by finding the relevant performance metrics with which to characterize behavior of systems. 2) Performance anomaly localization: To pinpoint the cause of a performance anomaly due to internal or external faults. 3) Investigation of the possibility of anomaly prediction within the big data systems.

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